Greg Caswill

Advises on: Healthcare Services Technology Career Highlights: Current chairman and founder of Envision Pharma, a med affairs services and software company Global healthcare leader with a strong entrepreneurial and investment track record and successful exits Previously founder and managing director of a specialist medical communications agency Greg is a chartered accountant by background

Sharon Curran

Advises on: Healthcare Career Highlights: Highly experienced big pharma executive leading high impact global marketing, commercialisation and growth strategies through strategic guidance, leadership and decision-making scrutiny for world class pharmaceutical corporations Sharon is a board member of Noden Pharma and a non-executive director of Clinigen Group plc and Circassia Group plc. She was previously senior […]

Xavier Flinois

Advises on: Technology Healthcare Services Career Highlights: Former President of PAREXEL Informatics and member of the executive leadership team of PAREXEL. CEO and director of blue-chip publicly listed tech and services businesses (Schlumberger, Atos, PAREXEL) Xavier was recognized as one of the 2016 ComputerWorld Premier 100 Technology Leaders and of the 2018 PharmaVoice 100 most […]

Brian Hepburn

Advises on: Healthcare Services Technology Career Highlights: Co-founded Envision Pharma in 2001 and was previously a director at PPSI 30 years of experience from Pharma and associated service organisations in roles encompassing clinical research, marketing, medical communications and publications Brian holds a BSc in Microbiology from The University of Glasgow

Royston Hoggarth

Advises on: Technology Career Highlights: Royston held senior executive roles at leading technology companies such as BT, ANT plc, Cable & Wireless plc and IBM His experience was supplemented by non-executive roles across multiple industries He has worked in technology and data/analytics focused product and services businesses across industries

Alexander Mironov

Advises on: Healthcare Career Highlights: Alexander has more than 20 years of leadership experience in corporate and business development, M&A, licensing and operations He is a board member of Noden Pharma, president of LifeMD’s and former chief business officer for Covis Pharma He has led transactions in the pharmaceutical space totalling over $5bn in value […]

Rob Piconi

Advises on: Resource Efficiency Healthcare Services Career Highlights: Rob is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a wealth of diverse experience through his prior executive leadership roles at Fortune 100 public companies in the healthcare, technology and resource efficiency spaces He is the current CEO of Energy Vault, which develops sustainable energy storage solutions that […]

Björn von Siemens

Advises on: Healthcare Technology Career Highlights: Björn is an entrepreneur and investor with a focus on ventures that improve human health through data-driven solutions He is the founder of Caresyntax, a leading developer of surgical intelligence technologies working to make mission-critical settings smarter and safer, with over three million surgeries Björn is also managing director […]

Gary Spellins

Advises on: Technology Healthcare Services Career Highlights: Gary has spent 18 years leading private equity-backed businesses. He has been chair of two businesses backed by Inflexion LLP; Reed & Mackay, a global corporate travel management and solutions company servicing the financial and professional services market and Scott Dunn, an international luxury tour operator specialising in […]

Dr Joe Taylor

Advises on: Healthcare Career Highlights: Has worked as a management consultant in healthcare, social care and education since 2006 He is a medical doctor and undertook his subsequent doctoral research in neurophysiology, both at the University of Oxford Joe is an expert in MedTech who is active in the biohacking community He is leader of […]