Prodipto Ghosh

Career Highlights:
  • Prodipto led the analysis of optimal mathematical solutions for world’s fastest supercomputers and several pioneering enterprise solutions based on/inspired by Quantum Computing / Mathematics as the Lead AI Scientist at McKinsey
  • He led mathematical assessments of several target AI / Machine-learning firms for investments worth $0.25b+ including a strategic initiative at a top 3 UK bank
  • Conceptualized and built range of nlp-based engines for financial services – incl. concepts discovery, impact & graphs-ts modelling, plus a customer ‘latent-aspects’ engine (for granular breakdown of equity-sentiment)
  • Prodipto holds a B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, an MBA with a focus on quantitative methods from IIM Bangalore and a Masters in Quantitative Finance from the London Business School
  • Chief Scientist – Math Labs
  • Formerly Lead AI Scientist – McKinsey