Stanley Capital Partners – 2022 review

LONDON, February 21, 2023 — Stanley Capital Partners (“Stanley” / “SCP”) is delighted to present an overview of a highly successful year in the growth and development of the company.

We continue to deliver outstanding value, transforming our investments through M&A, operational change and digitisation.

During 2022, we exited Noden Pharma (“Noden”) for an outstanding 6.7x / 151% IRR (gross). Noden was acquired in September 2020 following both intensive research and the testing of our investment thesis through our Leader Network, as a platform to consolidate the mature-product Speciality Pharma marketplace. The strong return adds to SCP’s total investment track record of 3.3x MOIC / 85% IRR across 27 deals and $4.1b equity invested.

SCP also invested in two new and high potential companies in the form of Qinecsa and Laboratoire X.O, for a total equity commitment of $400m. Since investing, we have completed 5 bolt-on acquisitions to those businesses, enabling Qinecsa to become a technology-enabled pharmacovigilance (“PV”) company and Laboratoire X.O to internationalise its Speciality Pharma platform.

We obtained good relative value in these growth assets, illustrating Stanley’s ability to buy well in highly attractive markets.

During 2022, we strengthened our investment team with similar DNA to ourselves or with people we have worked with before. We welcomed outstanding professionals from Hg, Goldman Sachs, Bain, Morgan Stanley and OC&C as well as appointing several new members to our leader network.

This investment in talent, combined with our strategic investment as a GP in Emergence Partners, has now seen Stanley grow to 100 people, when including the 85 person team from Emergence.

The investment by Stanley as GP in Emergence was a powerful step forward. We aim to offer our investments access to leading automation and AI consulting and technology to help them realise their potential and create sustainable competitive digital advantage. Emergence is based in the UK, US and LATAM region, led by a highly experienced management team who have worked together for more than 20 years, serving a blue-chip client list.

We look forward to continuing the successes of 2022 with a strong platform for growth and development and to updating you again shortly on further activity in Q1 2023.

Stanley Capital Partners LLP

Stanley Capital Partners LLP is a fast-growing European-focused mid-market private equity firm with proven expertise in finding and building value locked up in the growth businesses of tomorrow. The firm brings enhanced efficiency through proprietary research and technology to identify investment opportunities that help deliver lasting transformation in Healthcare, Resource Efficiency and Technology businesses with enterprise values of $250m-2.5b.

Founded in 2019 by Simon Cottle, James Brooks and Patrick Hargutt, SCP partners with management teams to create value through M&A, operational change, and technology enablement. Including the 85-person team at Emergence, the automation, AI consulting and implementation business that is part of Stanley’s transformation team, Stanley has a 100+-strong team of professionals, with assets under management of $460m today.