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Qinecsa was formed following SCP’s carve-out of the pharmacovigilance services division from clinical research services provider Clario in early 2022. Following two technology acquisitions under SCP’s ownership in 2022 (MyMeds&Me and Commonwealth Informatics), Qinecsa today is a leading provider of end-to-end outsourced pharmacovigilance software and services to a long list of global pharma customers.

Value Creation Strategy

SCP’s value creation strategy is focused on positioning Qinecsa as the leading digital CRO for safety, supporting its large and smaller-sized pharma customers in their transition into digital pharmacovigilance. To achieve this, during its first year of ownership, the platform acquired two technology add-ons, creating an end-to-end solution portfolio for its customers and increasing the share of Qinecsa’s recurring software revenue to c.40% by the end of 2022. SCP worked closely with management to implement the value creation plan, including building out and reorganizing the B2B sales force, expanding the management team, and deploying SCP's digital capabilities to accelerate Qinecsa’s digitization and automation strategy.

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