Stanley Capital identified the Generics space as potentially interesting during research in 2017. We spent the next 2 years meeting all of the relevant generics players in the UK and some in Europe. Through our research we were able to identify generic micro markets as the most interesting place to invest

  • Stanley Capital’s research identified the generics space as an interesting healthcare niche, but with complexity. UK generics businesses had sometimes overly relied on scientifically led business development to identify “hero” drugs which had little competition in order to be successful commercially
  • Previous private equity investments into the UK market had grown by raising prices of these “hero” drugs annually to patient populations relying on minimal competition in those products markets
  • Stanley Capital’s research showed that generic players which did not target “hero” drugs but commercialised lower volume drugs but with a high clinical importance had also a vital role to play for patients whom sometimes when chronically ill had their medication discontinued. Such drugs are at risk of discontinuation by large pharma and stockouts when they identify them as no longer commercially viable. Generics companies that acquire such products from Big Pharma, transfer the technology successfully to optimize the supply chain and make them commercially viable again, ensure patients continue to get the essential treatments they need